Executive Summary

MUXE is a one-stop platform that facilitates from buying your DREAM HOME, to getting RENTAL income from your extra space, inspired with latest INTERIOR DESIGNS tips, sourcing best MAINTENANCE contractors for your property to ordering HOME IMPROVEMENTS to spruce up your current pad. This is easily navigated by MUXE interactive platform that can help even the average users to find their needs adopting latest technology on Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality apps. With these tools, it will help the user to make important decisions better in a secured P2P platform.

Key Differentiation

Constant Updates and Fresh Contents

There will be constant updates on new products and services to keep the platform fresh and exciting. New products and services can be featured in their respective categories. In addition, market information, industry news, new products and technology advancement for the industry can be posted and shared with the MUXE community.

Wide and Comprehensive Categories

MUXE intends to offer a wide and comprehensive range of products and services to cater the real estate market. It is important for MUXE to include new product or service categories in order to keep up with the industry.

A Specialised Platform for Everyone

With the wide range of products and services from professional interior designers, to home gardening accessories and office supplies. MUXE platform tries to cater to all real estate needs from the smallest item to a property development project. For more information go to our website directly

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